The Tesla Conspiracy
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The Tesla Conspiracy: FOIA and the Raid on his Hotel Suite

Declassified CIA Documents and Tesla’s Notes

It’s January 9th, 1943, just two days after the renowned inventor Nikola Tesla’s death. FBI agents burst into his hotel suite at the New Yorker Hotel in New York City. They ransack the place, seizing approximately 80 trunks of notes and paperwork belonging to the brilliant scientist. But why? What could have been so valuable in Tesla’s possessions that the government felt the need to raid his hotel room just days after his passing? Thanks to declassified documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), we can now connect the dots and uncover the intriguing story behind this mysterious event.

Government involvement

Nikola Tesla, known for his pioneering work in electrical engineering and his ambitious inventions such as alternating current (AC) power systems, wireless communication, and the Tesla coil, died on January 7th, 1943, at the age of 86. However, what happened in the aftermath of his death raises intriguing questions and reveals a tangled web of government involvement, as evidenced by declassified documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) from the FBI and CIA.

On January 9th, 1943, just two days after Tesla’s death, FBI agents stormed into his hotel suite at the New Yorker Hotel in New York City. The raid was conducted under the pretext of protecting Tesla’s valuable intellectual property, but what were they really after? According to the declassified documents, the FBI seized approximately 80 trunks of notes, paperwork, and personal belongings belonging to Tesla. The question arises: why would the U.S. government be interested in Tesla’s possessions after his death?

Free energy for all

One clue lies in Tesla’s reputation as a maverick inventor who pursued unconventional ideas that challenged the status quo. His revolutionary concepts, such as wireless power transmission and free energy for all, threatened the established energy and business interests of the time. His ideas were often met with skepticism and resistance from powerful figures in the government and industry, who saw Tesla’s inventions as disruptive to their vested interests.

Rumors and speculation abound that Tesla’s work had military applications, including the development of advanced weaponry and surveillance technologies. Some theories suggest that Tesla’s notes and research could have been used for covert government projects, such as the notorious Philadelphia Experiment, a rumored attempt to create an invisibility cloak for naval vessels during World War II. While there is no concrete evidence to support these claims, the fact that the government seized Tesla’s belongings right after his death raises eyebrows and fuels suspicions of a cover-up.


The declassified documents obtained through the FOIA shed some light on the government’s interest in Tesla’s possessions. The documents reveal that the FBI and CIA were keenly monitoring Tesla’s activities during his lifetime, with surveillance and intelligence gathering efforts dating back to the 1930s. The government’s concern about Tesla’s work is evident in the documents, which mention his experiments with high-voltage electricity, his research on cosmic rays, and his correspondence with foreign governments.

One declassified FBI document dated February 10th, 1943, just a month after Tesla’s death, states: “Tesla had made several statements to the effect that he had discovered a method whereby he could send mechanical effects to any desired point on the globe… He had claimed that the government had his papers and were employing them and his principles for further experimentation.” This document suggests that the government may have been interested in Tesla’s research on long-range remote control, a concept that could have military implications.

Another declassified document from the FBI, dated March 11th, 1943, reveals that Tesla’s personal effects, including his notes, were stored in trunks and shipped to the Office of Alien Property, a government agency responsible for managing the property of foreign nationals during wartime. This raises questions about the government’sintentions in taking possession of Tesla’s belongings. Why would his notes be classified as “alien property”? Was the government trying to keep Tesla’s work hidden or utilize it for their own purposes?

Death Ray

Further FOIA documents reveal that the government continued to be interested in Tesla’s work long after his death. Declassified CIA documents from the 1950s mention Tesla’s inventions, including his famous “Death Ray” concept, which Tesla claimed could transmit energy through the air to destroy enemy targets. The documents discuss the potential military applications of Tesla’s inventions and the need to assess their feasibility.

Despite the government’s seizure of Tesla’s belongings and ongoing interest in his work, many of his notes and research remain missing or classified. This has fueled speculations of a cover-up, with conspiracy theories suggesting that the government may be withholding Tesla’s inventions and discoveries from the public eye for various reasons.

One theory is that Tesla’s work could have posed a threat to established industries, particularly the energy sector. Tesla’s ideas of wireless power transmission and free energy for all could have disrupted existing power distribution systems and threatened the profitability of the energy industry. As a result, some believe that the government, in collusion with powerful interests, sought to suppress Tesla’s work to protect the status quo.

Another theory is that Tesla’s inventions had national security implications. His research on remote control and directed energy weapons could have been of interest to the military, and the government may have sought to keep his work classified to prevent its potential misuse by adversaries. This theory is supported by the declassified documents that mention Tesla’s experiments with high-voltage electricity and his claims of the government using his principles for further experimentation.

The Tesla Conspiracy

Tesla’s legacy

The events that unfolded two days after Nikola Tesla’s death, with the FBI raiding his hotel suite and seizing his belongings, as revealed by declassified documents obtained through the FOIA, raise intriguing questions and fuel speculations of conspiracy and cover-up. The government’s interest in Tesla’s work, his inventions’ potential military applications, and their implications for established industries add layers of complexity to the story of Tesla’s legacy. However, without concrete evidence or a complete understanding of the classified documents, the truth behind the FBI raid and government possession of Tesla’s belongings remains a tantalizing mystery, leaving us to wonder about the enigmatic legacy of this brilliant inventor and his groundbreaking work that may have been lost to history.

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