Free Ross Ulbricht by Free the People’s

Rep. Thomas Massie speaks out on the cruel and unusual punishment inflicted on Ross Ulbricht by the criminal justice system. After founding Silk Road, a free market trading website, Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to more than two life sentences in prison despite not having hurt a single person. Join Rep. Massie and more than 370,000 people demanding clemency from President Donald Trump at

Free the People’s mission is simple—to make the values of liberty entertaining, accessible, and human. Free the People deliberately explores issues that bridge the partisan divide—topics like criminal justice reform, health care choice, and opposing corporate cronyism. We produce documentary films, video web series, and podcasts that illuminate the people and ideas changing the world for the better. We reach audiences across the political spectrum as a rational but passionate voice for liberty.Free the People specializes in video production, creative storytelling, and social media engagement. 

We are building a community of people who believe in the values of freedom, entrepreneurship, individual responsibility, choice, and peaceful cooperation. Free the People finds and tells stories of people affecting positive change in their community through entrepreneurship and innovation. We defend free choice in everything from drug policy, to health care and retirement, to every aspect of the sharing economy. Our values, like “equal treatment under the law” and “innocent until proven guilty,” animate fights for criminal justice reform. We tell the stories of people who have lived through the hardships of authoritarianism and collectivism throughout history. We show our viewers that beautiful things can happen when free people come together to make the world a better place.

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